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Big Rapids Transmission Repair

Transmission Fluid Exchange

We recommend a transmission fluid exchange every 50k to 60k miles depending on the manufacturer. This helps keep the seals conditioned which will prevent from leaking.  Also this keeps gear wear to a minimum which will help extend the life of the transmission.  This service only takes 15 to 25 minutes and we are offering this for $129.99. 

Transmission Filter

Transmission filter varies in recommendations from 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on make and model, the filter replacement will help restore pressure in your transmission, also it will help clean any debris or shavings that might be floating around, this service will guarantee smoother shifting and longer lasting transmissions if it is done on a regular basis. We provide this service for 89.99 and takes only 30 minutes! 

Transmission Flush

Transmission Service varies in recommendation depending on make and model of vehicle, average is 15,000- 60,000 miles. Replacing your transmission fluid is going to help keep that transmission running like new, smoother shifting, restores pressure and of course helps extend the life of the transmission. We offer this service for 99.99 and it takes just 30 minutes. 

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