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The Ramblings of Carolann

DogI have a confession this morning, this blog is giving me FITS!  I had just created one and hit publish and POOF it was gone, can't find it anywhere, nor could tech support, so I shall begin again.  

The reality is this, I own a quick lube/auto repair facility but about the ONLY thing I know how to do with a car is put gas in it and turn it on!  Rest assured my son Zachery is brillant with cars and the business so you're in great hands!  Plus, Orv is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic and does amazing work for us and all of our Lube Techs are Pennzoil trained & certified.  

We are certainly blessed with an amazing team!!  Everyone of our guys are hard working & dedicated!  I'm proud to call them our team for sure! 

A fun fact about me??  I'm afraid to drive into the shop because I'm afraid I'll drive into the pit!  My guys do it for me!  ha ha  So if you're like me and a little fearful of that just let my guys know you'd like them to pull your vehicle in.  They're happy to do it, in fact, they do that for a lot of people! 

What I've decided to do in this blog is write about all different things!  One day it might be about vehicles and maintenance and stuff like that, another day it might be a great recipe I whipped up, (I'm a pretty good cook) and another day it might be about one of my doggies, Ziggy or Maggie MooMoo!

You see, we are all supposed to be real, our authentic selves apparently!  Well my authentic self can write, and I'd rather write fun, goofy or ridiculous stuff, than boring stuff about a vehicle.  That's what my shops for!  We are here to help you, teach you in a sense, what you need to do to keep your vehicle in tip top shape!

I hope you are all prepped and Spring winter storm ready!  Don't forget, stop in for your FREE checkup to be sure you're vehicle is winter storm ready!  HEY!!  Did you see how I did that lead in about Free Checkups!!  ha  

Until next time......